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Hi! I’m Jason Shiga. I’ve been working as a cartoonist for the past 15 years. I studied mathematics in school and consequently many of my books have a mathematical or geeky side to them. I’m probably best known for my interactive comics but I also like to alternate between them and more straightforward narratives usually in some genre framework like police procedural or romantic comedy.

I’m archiving my older comics like Fleep and Bookhunter here. But mostly, I’m using this space to¬† serialize Demon my newest and most ambitious project to date. If this is your first time here, a good starting point is page 1.

You may recognize some of the characters from Demon. The main character Jimmy Yee, has been the star of my last few books including the Choose Your Own Adventure style children’s book, “Meanwhile…” If you are a child, please do not read Demon. The characters use a lot of profanity and deal with some very adult themes such as murder, camel sex and drug use. Also stay in school.

But if you’re an adult, oooh, let me tell ya, this story is gonna be hella tight! You will not believe all the completely depraved mischief Jimmy gets into… and out of. Ooooh. He literally has no limits. He does not! I really want to tell you everything but I hate spoilers myself so for now the less said, the better.

In case you couldn’t tell, Demon is a different kind of series, both in form and content. But at the end of the day, it’s personal. Ultimately, Jimmy is me. When he leaps in front of a semi-trailer, it’s really me who secretly wants to do that. When he acts in a deliberately amoral and antisocial manner, that’s me too. And when he expresses his feelings about the universe being a meaningless and chaotic miasma and consciousness as the ultimate cruel joke on humanity, he’s really speaking for me.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the comics. I’ll be using this site in the future to post movie and book reviews, offer dating advice, art and writing tips and of course answer questions. That’s where YOU come in! You can email me at or feel free to post something in the comments of the news section of the site.

Thanks again for coming!